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About Us

1stHealthInsuranceQuotes.com is an online gateway created to assist you, our visitors in locating affordable, individual, health care insurance coverage plans.

We are not an agency and do not endorse any specific company. Nor do we actually run the quotes ourselves. Instead we help connect you with one or more of the many top-rated insurance companies who are part of our network. Their agents complete the process by giving you the information you need.

These days when even the most established banks and oldest insurance companies are having financial difficulties, it is particularly important to make sure that the insurance plan you choose not only fits your needs today, but will also be there for you years into the future. Through our network, you will be connected with the most dependable companies and their licensed agents. Furthermore, our service is nationwide, so, no matter where you are, we can help you connect with the person who is best able to meet your needs.

Prices on nearly every consumer product increase over time, and insurance is no exception. However, insurance companies are also competitive and develop discount programs, unique riders, and other special incentives in an attempt to get clients. Thus, while you may have been perfectly happy with your insurance several years ago, it could still be to your advantage to find out what new programs and policies are available in your area. Simply staying informed about the available incentives and products may save you hundreds of dollars every year.

1st Health Insurance quotes begins with the simple confidential step of completing our form. Your information will only be shared with a licensed professional in your area who will be qualified to show you your options and come up with ways for you to save money. Not sure if you really need to look at your insurance options? Consider the following reasons for reviewing your current insurance information.

Up to date comparisons! Insurance is a competitive business, and over time companies naturally adjust their rates. The result is that a plan that was the best price available several years ago might not be any more. In fact, even your current company might have programs that would allow you to lower your premiums if you only knew about them.

Learn about the types of insurance available. Insurance is big business. While many people feel that you can’t be insured for every eventuality that life might have to offer, you still might want to know about HMO and PPO Health plans, Short Term Disability, or perhaps Long term Care Insurance. You can use our site to educate yourself to what today’s insurance offerings are all about.

Make contact with a new agent. Insurance agents often move from company to company or leave the business altogether with surprising frequency. Use our convenient connection system to develop a relationship with a new agent who will review your current plans and let you know if there is something better that you may not know about.

We stay in business by making sure that you have the service you expect. Furthermore, your information is safe and secure. Feel free to read our privacy policy or to contact us for more information.