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The School Bus Safety Guide for Kids

School Bus Road SignEveryday millions of school aged children get up, leave their homes and get on a bus to be taken to school. These kids leave behind parents that trusting the safety of their kids to bus drivers employed by the school districts. Once the child enters the bus and rides off down the road, the safety of the children are out of their hands.

While the children are out of the sight of the parents, the bus driver is in charge of the children while riding the bus. Even though the bus driver needs to be concerned with driving the bus, they are also aware of what is happening on the bus. The bus driver will be watching his interior mirrors to make sure that the children are seated properly, that nobody is throwing things and also making sure that they are behaving properly. If a child continues to misbehave, the privilege of riding the school bus could be suspended, until the behavior improves.

However, children do have several points to keep in mind, to ensure that they are safe. They include:

Getting on the Bus

  • While getting on the bus, always walk and don't run
  • While waiting at the bus stop, never talk to strangers
  • While walking to the bus stop, always walk on the sidewalk, and don't walk in the road
  • When the bus arrives, wait until it stops and the stop sign appears, before walking to the bus

Behavior on the Bus

  • While on the bus, always listen to the bus driver
  • Keep the aisles of the bus clear
  • Always remain seated while the bus is moving
  • Don't open the windows or put anything out the window
  • No horse play while on the bus

Leaving the Bus

  • Make sure that nothing that you are carrying can get caught on the railings
  • Leave the bus in an orderly manner
  • When leaving the bus, always walk, never run
  • Once you are off the bus, always get away from the bus and never stay near it

The safety of our children while riding buses is everyone's duty. Bus drivers have the responsibility of watching our children while they a on the bus. Parents have the responsibility of teaching children proper behavior when riding on the bus. Kids also need to be responsible by listening to the bus driver, knowing the rules of riding the bus and making sure that they follow the rules.

To help drivers, parents and children understand the rules of school bus safety; we have included resources on the subject:

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