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Cancer Related Websites to Help Compare Health Insurance Rates

SupportCancer is a disease that affects millions of people around the world, and research still has yet to find a cure. The disease can affect nearly any part of the body, from the breast and lungs, to the prostate and throat or mouth. There are also different types of cancer that affect only one sex such as gynecological cancer in women.

Cancer affects our health and happiness but it also has a lifelong effect on our burial insurance and health insurance cost over the course of a lifetime. This lasting effect makes it all the more important to compare health insurance rates, including the cost of short term disability insurance, after a diagnosis has been made.

The following links include information on cancer, including the treatment, risk factors and tests to check for cancer:

American Cancer Society A nonprofit organization that offers information on every type of cancer, including symptoms and testing for that cancer.

Skin Cancer Foundation Offers information on the types of skin cancer and the prevention of it, for different age groups.

Susan G. Kormen For the Cure Gives information on breast cancer for survivors, those diagnosed and those who know someone diagnosed with breast cancer.

Live Strong The Lance Armstrong Foundation, with information on different types of cancer.

Prostate Cancer Foundation Information for those diagnosed with prostate cancer and those wanting to learn more.

Cancer at Wikipedia Encyclopedia type entry with details on symptoms, risk factors, treatment and other issues.

National Cancer Institute Statistics, topics, articles and research into cancer.

Cancer Health Center Resources on different types of cancer, including lesser known types.

Cancer at About Types, treatment and prevention of cancer as well as different topics such as celebrities who have cancer.

Cancer at Medicine Net Offers statistics and general information on cancer.

Cancer Treatment Gives different types of treatment options into the variety of cancers.

Choosing a Treatment Program  Resource to help diagnosed individuals choose the best treatment plan.

Lung Cancer Information on lung cancer including symptoms and treatment options.

Breast Cancer Information on breast cancer and its symptoms.

Prevent Cancer Includes details on how people can reduce their chances of developing cancer.

National Breast Cancer Foundation Offers information and research into breast cancer.

Cure Search Information on children's cancer and resources for parents.

Gynecologic Cancer Foundation Help for those diagnosed with gynecologic cancer such as finding a support group.

Cancer Information on the Cancer Journal and help in obtaining a copy.

Cancer Health Guide A resource for all things cancer related: symptoms, treatment, risk factors, etc.

Cancer at Medline Plus In depth source for topics relating to cancer.

Types of Treatment Overview on the types of treatment available to those diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer Symptoms Discusses all the symptoms associated with cancer.

What are the Risk Factors for Breast Cancer? An overview on the risk factors associated with breast cancer.

MD Anderson Cancer Center Lists treatment options related to cancer.

Mouth Cancer Foundation Information on cancer of the mouth.

The Characinoid Cancer Foundation Information on characinoid cancer.

American Breast Cancer Foundation Offers information on breast cancer.

Cancer Risk Factors Lists the risk factors of cancer.

Causes of Cancer and Effects of Cancer Lists resources for and on cancer.

Cancer Risk Factors Discusses the risk factors associated with cancer.

10 Tips for Coping  Tips for those recently diagnosed with cancer.

Laboratory Tests That Detect Cancer Information on the tests used to find and identify cancer.

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