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Find Cheap Liability Auto Insurance Within Minutes!

You know that the law prevents you from driving a car without insurance but you don’t like the local rates. Use our friendly online service and locate the best affordable car insurance rates for your area today. You may be able to save hundreds of dollars simply by comparing quotes and switching to the company that will give you a good, cheap liability auto insurance policy with a low premium.

Did You Know. . .

  • That just being a good driver and watching out for the other guy might not help you? In 2008, 59% of fatal crashes involved just one vehicle.

  • Crashes kill about 40,000 people every year.

  • Someone is injured in a car crash every 14 seconds, and 2 million of those injured suffer permanent injuries.

Having an insurance policy won’t prevent you from having an accident, but it can certainly make the recovery much less financially painful. While waiting for your quotes, there are certain steps you can take that will save time in the long run.

  • Know the minimum liability coverage requirements for your state.

  • If you are a confident driver and could afford to pay the first $1000 in damages, opt for a higher deductible. This will result in a lower premium.

  • Don’t purchase more coverage than you really need. Collision and comprehension should be based on the value of the car. If you drive an old car and have no loan on it, it probably isn't worth purchasing anything but liability—with possibly a towing service clause. It only takes a minor accident to have an older car declared a “total loss” simply because the cost of repair can easily be more than the value of the car.

  • Look for organizational discounts. Also, those who have taken a driver’s education course or a course in defensive driving are often eligible for discounts. If you do purchase collision on your car, an alarm system can bring you a further discount. Some companies even give you reductions for simply not having any recent accidents or citations.

  • Purchase from someone with a name you recognize. If you never heard of the company before, check with local garages to see what their experience has been. Also, your own mechanic or body shop will know what insurance companies pay the quickest with the least hassle. Talk to your friends and find out who they DON’T like and why. Remember, cheapest isn't always best.

  • Know something about the car before you buy it. Certain models are rated for higher premiums because they tend to be more severely damaged in even a minor collision than other cars. Also, some models simply have very expensive parts, so the slightest accident will result in a large claim. Your local body shop will know what models are the most expensive to fix. And think twice before hurrying after the brand new models that just made the lot this year. The depreciation on new cars is significant. Thus, if you had an accident, you could end up owing more on the car than the insurance company will pay. Purchase hold over models to help avoid this.

  • Safety features such as alarm systems, air bags, anti-lock brakes, and automatic seatbelts can also lower your premium.

Allowances, discounts, and requirements vary from one state to another even for the same insurance company. Therefore, you need to know what your state requires in order to get the best premium. Also, be prepared for the fact that previous accidents and citations will usually increase your premium with nearly any company. Drive safely and do your own research before writing the check.