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Plan Your Escape to Fire Safety

Kidsand Fire SafetyHey Kids! Are you interested in learning about fire safety? Good! I have gathered together some of my awesome fire safety friends to help guide you. I'm sure if you look you will find them all. 

Some of their names are Arthur, Sparky, Emily, Buzzy, and Hersey. Remember, before you start surfing the internet, you are going to need your parent's permission and guidance. Trust me, it's worth it!

But before you start surfing, please let your parents know that you know that "playing" with fire is dangerous and that you'll never do it without the supervision of a responsible adult. Even with vigilant supervision, though, accidents happen and you want your parents to be sure your group health insurance is up to date or that the cheap medical insurance coverage they buy personally is actually affordable (useful) rather than merely cheap. More about that in the "Hey Parents" section below.

  • Fun With Fire Engines Can you spot the differences between these fire engines? Click here and try your skills.
  • Survive Alive for Kids Print out these coloring pages, learn everything you can do to make your house fire safe, and take these quizzes. 
  • Fireman Sam Online Click around and see what is hiding in the firehouse and make sure you honk the fire truck horn. 
  • Fire is Scary! Read this list and find out what you can do just in case. 
  • FEMA Ready Kids Create a safety kit and learn what you can do in any emergency situation.
  • Fire and Life Safety Enter Raven Island, an interactive town where you can learn, play games, and meet other fire safety kids.
  • FEMA for Kids Learn what you can do to become a disaster action kids. Do you know what's new in the FEMA-zine?
  • Meet the Safe House Mouse Ask the Safe House Mouse questions about how fires start, what to do if it happens, and how to prepare. 
  • The Hot Spot Learn what kids in Florida are doing to fight fires. Don't forget to check out the game room.
  • Firefighter the Job Read what this job is like, how much it pays, and what your future will be like if you take on the profession of a real life firefighter. 

Hey Parents! Fire Safety is extremely important to protect the ones we love. Prevention is just as important as learning what to do in case of a fire. These guidelines provide statistics, facts, resources, checklists, tips, and regulations.

Fire can start as fun, useful, and educational but it can quickly become a catastrophic calamity in the blink of an eye. When your children get old enough to want to know more about fire, it's a signal that your family is changing and a re-evaluation of your insurance coverage is in order. Maybe it's time to ditch the cheap medical insurance and get serious and get a health insurance quote from a new carrier or two to see what's best for your family during this phase of life.

While you're at it, think about other forms of insurance that bring peace of mind to a growing family – term vs whole life insurance, for instance, or long-term disability vs short term. What about your house and car? Does the insurance you have in place on those investments meet the needs of your family today?

Ah, but back to the fire. . . Remember, these sites were written for adults. Please use caution if you allow your children sit with you while you learn more.

  • Burny's Prevention Tips This government resource page provides many tips that adults can take to prevent the occurrence of a fire.
  • Safe Kids USA Learn the statistics, costs, and laws of fire in America. 
  • Be Fire Smart Learn ways to protect your home, your family, and your community.
  • The Police Notebook Learn about fire extinguishers, evacuation of people with disabilities, and get a fire services request form.
  • Too Hot to Handle Learn how you can prevent kitchen and cooking related fires and what to do if a cooking fire occurs. 
  • Fire Safety by OSHA Learn the laws and regulations associated with fire safety and the workplace. 

Hey Teachers! Listed below are some valuable resources to help you guide your students in learning about fire safety and prevention. These resources are primarily lesson plans and webquests. The resources for parents may also provide valuable information in your personal quest to teach your students. Your efforts may also encourage your students to teach their parents about the proper prevention techniques. 

  • Fire Safety and Prevention This third grade webquest is designed to help children to learn about fire safety and prevention and understand the answers to various questions as defined.
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