A Guide to Food Allergies

There are many types of allergies that people need to contend with. They include allergies to animals, allergies to environmental issues such as mold and pollen and several other types of allergies. Food AllergiesHowever, one of the toughest for people to deal with is food allergies. People have many types of food allergies from milk and dairy to peanuts and nuts to wheat and many other items that are common in our every day life. Each of these allergies create problems for people with allergies and especially for children. It is very important that parents of children with allergies educate the kids and their friends and classmates about the dangers of allergies. This holds true for friends and even educators to maintain an allergy free educational environment.

To assist people in learning more about food allergies, the symptoms to watch for, and the reactions and treatments for food allergies, we have created this guide. We hope that this helps educate people about the dangers facing people with food allergies and assists in helping their everyday lives. In addition, we have a section for food allergy recipes. Please try some of these recipes on someone who has food allergies. Feel free to review the information in this guide and help patients with food allergies.

Food Allergy Information

Common Food Allergens

  • Food Allergens - FDA information with information on common food allergens.
  • Food Labels - informative article telling people how to read a label for allergy information.
  • Common Food Allergens - helpful listing of some of the common food allergens in existence.
  • Food Allergy List - useful list containing information on some of the common food allergies of people.
  • Common Food Allergies - information on some of the food allergies that are commonly experienced by people.
  • Food Allergen Labeling - article providing information on the laws pertaining to food allergens.

Food Allergy Symptoms

Food Allergy Treatment

Parents Information on Allergies

  • Kids with Food Allergies - helpful information and support for parents of kids and teens suffering from the effects of food allergens.
  • Food Allergy Facts - parent information to help deal with children with food allergies.
  • Food Allergies and Schools - useful article with information on how parents can manage food allergies in schools.
  • Children and Food Allergies - site providing parents with guidance and recommendations on how to deal with children with allergies.
  • Food Allergy Education - information on how parents and schools can work together to provide an allergy free environment for kids.

Allergy Free Recipes

Patients facing food allergies face a number of obstacles that people without allergies do have to face. It is important to be educated about the dangers of allergies and how to deal with food allergies. It is important that patients and friends and family members be aware of the dangers of food allergies.

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