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StethoscopeHealth sciences is the term given to the scientific study of any health related topic referring to humans. There are dozens of categories that fall under this banner, but they generally take one of two approaches. The first type are the scientists and doctors that study the body and learn how different diseases affect the body. The second type is typically done by researchers and scientists working in the field. Their focus is on finding ways to cure specific conditions or find ways to prevent the condition from occurring.

There are a large variety of subtopics and categories listed as part of the health sciences or health research. Alternative health is one example, as are genetics, biology, and biochemistry. There are also examples such as clinical sciences, psychology, public health, and nutrition that help to better the life of an individual by helping better their health.

Part of health sciences involves the research done into these sectors. Clinical trials and clinical research are two examples of this, as both work to find preventions and cures to common diseases and conditions. Research is also done to discover how the human body works and how it reacts to certain outside stimuli such as a new drug or new dosage of an existing drug. This type of research has helped scientists find cures to diseases like polio and treatments for diseases like diabetes. Current studies are hoping to find cures for cancer among other diseases and stop the resistance of certain antibiotics in individuals.

A general overview of the topic is found in the Health Science entry on Wikipedia. This lists a broad overview of the subject, along with the subtopics associated with the topic and links to more encyclopedia entries.

The history of health sciences is often discussed on the Internet and there are a few 'better' resources that are helpful. Among those are Echo: Science, Technology and Industry, MedHist, and the History of Diseases.

There are also a few academic journals on health science such as Journal of Research in Medical Science and Journal of Medical Sciences Research.

Another great resource is Matindale's Health Science Guide. This Guide is updated nearly every day with information for students and professors. They list cases, courses, trials, databases, and video clips on a variety of health science topics. All of the work is broken down into easy to use categories such as anatomy, public health and other specialized topics and categories.

The Health Sciences Authority Act is also helpful. This includes information on the Act, what it means, and what falls under the act, as well as any changes or revisions to the original idea. There's also the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, which does research into environmental factors and how they impact the human body. They also include a few pages devoted to kids and helping kids learn how these environmental factors affect their own bodies.

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