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Holistic Health Care Terms Glossary


Acupressure – a type of medicine in which a therapist applies direct stimulation with the fingertips, hands, knuckles, or blunt instruments to stimulate specific points on a patients body

Acupuncture – a type of ancient Chinese medicine that can be used to treat many different diseases and conditions and is done by placing needles along any of the twelve major pathways on the body

Alexander Technique – a method in which you change your everyday movement habits to improve coordination, balance, posture, and to relieve tension

Aromatherapy – the use of essential oils that come from flowers, trees, and other plants in order to treat a variety of ailments such as stress and anxiety


Balneotherapy – considered a treatment by baths such as mud baths

Bioelectromagnetics – the study of interactions between electromagnetic fields and living organism

Bioenergetics – a method of study that involves understanding personality in terms of the body's energetic processes

Botanical Medicine – an alternative name for herbal medicine


Chelation Therapy – intravenous injections of a synthetic amino acid called ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid which is said to detoxify the body of heavy metals

Colonic Therapy – a type of bowel cleansing that is designed to clean the large intestine

Color Therapy – the use of various forms of color and light for therapeutic use

Cupping – a technique of applying suction over certain points on the body, the therapy is used to treat arthritis and bronchitis among other things


Deep Tissue Bodywork – a range of different therapies that are used to improve the function of the connective tissues and muscles in the body

Diathermy – a type of deep heat therapy that uses electric currents to produce heat in body tissues

DMSO – dimethyl sulfoxide is a solvent capable of passing through body tissues and is used to treat intersistial cystitis which is a rather uncommon bladder inflammation


Ear Candling – a procedure in which a cone is placed in the ear, narrow end first, and the opposite end is lit to produce heat which relieves wax buildup and can help with ear infections

Expressive Therapies – the use of art in therapy, including dance, drama, music, poetry, and more


Feng Shui – the Chinese art of configuring a space to promote health and happiness, a big part of feng shui is furniture placement


Glandulars – animal glands that are freeze dried and taken in pill form to provide the body with extra hormones

Glucosamine Sulfate – a type of natural amino sugar that is found in joint spaces, it helps to stimulate the cartilage that arthritis will destroy


Herbalism – the use of plants to treat a range of different illnesses, herbalism is often used by holistic doctors, and acupuncturists

Homeopathy – a type of medical system in which natural substances are used to boost a person's defense and immune systems


Iridology – a type of diagnostic system that is based on the premise the each organ in the body has a corresponding location within the iris, and this can serve as an indicator of the particular organ's health


Jin Shin Do – a combination of Taoist yoga breathing, acupressure, and the Reichian segmental theory that is used to release physical and emotional tension


Karma – the concept that one's past actions can determine one's future destiny, this is a common concept in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism

Kinesiology – the study of muscles and how they move, applied kinesiology uses muscles testing along with standard methods of diagnosis to gain information about a person's state of health


Light Box – a set of full spectrum light bulbs contained inside a box, it is much stronger than ordinary light and is used to treat seasonal affective disorder or winter depression


Magnetic Therapy – the use of magnets to treat a range of different conditions including circulatory problems, arthritis, and chronic pain

Mantra – a mystic word used in ritual and meditation in Hinduism and Buddhism

Massage Therapy – a range of therapeutic processes that involves the practice of kneading a persons soft tissue and muscles, there are various forms of massage therapy

Meditation – the practice of focusing the mind on a single point of reference the enhance stress reduction and improve the body's disease resistance


Neural Therapy – a type of therapy which is based on the idea that illness is the result of disruptions in biological energy and the disruptions are caused by changes in the electrical activity in the body

Neurotopic Injection – a treatment that involves multiple injections of a small amount of saline solution into the muscles on either side of the spine to help the nerves function better and help control back pain

Nosode – a remedy considered to be homeopathic that is made from bodily secretions or diseased tissue and is used to build up the immune system against a specific disease


Prana – a concept in yoga of a cosmic energy similar to chi that enters your body with a breath, Prana is considered the link between the material and spiritual self

Pranayama – a term which means breath control and is commonly used in yoga and Ayurveda

Probiotics – substances that restore bacteria that is present in the intestines that is beneficial to the body


Rebirthing – a technique used by therapists in which clients are guided through breathing exercises which helps them remember past experiences

Reflexology – the practice of applying pressure to specific points on the hands and feet that correspond with organs throughout the body

Reiki – an ancient Tibetan healing procedure that uses the placement of light hands to transmit healing energies throughout the body


Shiatsu – a type of acupressure in which the fingers are used to apply pressure at specific points located on the body

Subluxation – a term common in chiropractic office, it is a misalignment of bones and joints


Tens – a device that delivers an electric current through the skin to the nerves, it is helpful in pain relief for conditions such as arthritis or chronic back pain

Tonic – an herbal remedy that is said to help maintain health and keep away illness

Toning – the practice of projecting a nonverbal sound to balance a person's energy fields


Zero Balancing – a method used to align body structure and energy

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