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Health care is a very important issue in the United States. Unfortunately, millions of people are either living without health insurance, or do not have enough health insurance to cover the expensive costs of basic needs such as prescription medication. There are some free clinics across the country, but many people are turned down for assistance due to their income or other varying factors.

If people cannot afford their medication, sadly some may die because of it. This applies in largest numbers to the elderly who may be collecting social security, but do not have the necessary information to make informed decisions about how to obtain the medicines they need. Some doctors will give patients a free, small trial package of medication to get them started taking what they need to take, but then anything after the initial free trial must be paid for and purchased at a pharmacy. This can leave people frustrated, sick, and most importantly, unable to get necessary medicines. Since affordable health care and affordable health insurance have become such a crisis in recent years, there are now organizations willing to assist patients in some way with either the cost of the medication, or with obtaining the medicine free or charge.

Here are some of the many resources that can help people receive the medication they need:

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Directory of Assistance Programs


Help from Merck (drug company)

Free Medicines

Rx Outreach

Rx Hope: Hope for Everyone

Free Health Dictionary

Help for those With Mental Illness

GSK Prescription Drug Help

The Medical Matrix

The Medicare Website

Virginia Dept. For the Aging

Patient Assistance

Help from AstraZeneca

American Cancer Society Help with Prescriptions

Prescription Advocacy

Assistance for Diabetics

State Pharmaceutical Programs

Help for Idahoans

Sanofi-Aventis Assistance Program

Find a Discounted Drug Program

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