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An Online Guide to Radon, Mold and Other Indoor Air Quality Concerns

Radon MoldOne of the biggest problems facing homeowners and business owners is the problem of indoor air quality. Today's HVAC systems need to be operating properly in order to maintain the health of the occupants. If the building's air quality is not up to standards, a number of health issues could arise.

In today's buildings, owners are faced with many potential health problems related to the buildings and the heating and ventilation systems. These health problems include Asthma, Mold and Radon. These problems can lead to additional respiratory problems.

To learn more about indoor air quality, heath issues involved and preventing problems, we have assembled a collection of helpful resources for your use:

General Indoor Air Quality


  • Asthma - information from the EPA on Asthma and how indoor air quality has an impact on the disorder.

  • Asthma - useful information on the respiratory condition that can be triggered by air quality.

  • Asthma Information - informative web site containing information on Asthma including warning signs and treatment options.

  • Basic Information - helpful information from the CDC discussing various aspects of Asthma.

  • Asthma - health information and information on the lung condition that affects millions of individuals.


  • Mold Information - informative web site from the EPA showing how mold can affect the health of people.

  • Mold and Indoor Air Quality - helpful article on indoor air quality and what mold can do to impact health.

  • Mold - useful government web site providing information on the health effects of mold on people.

  • Mold Health Risks - information on what health problems mold can cause with individuals.

  • Mold Air Quality - helpful information on various types of mold and how it can affect individuals health.

  • Mold in the Workplace - brief look at how mold can get into the air systems in the workplace.


  • Guide to Radon - information on Radon and the health effects that can result from exposure.

  • What is Radon? - useful information on what is Radon and how it can affect air quality.

  • Indoor Air Quality - informative web site providing information on Radon and general indoor air quality information.

  • Indoor Air Quality  - EPA website providing information on Radon and the health risks associated with it.

Air Quality Help

  • Indoor Air Quality Publications - informative resources on what can be done to improve indoor air quality.

  • Indoor Air Pollution - information on indoor air pollution and air quality and what can be done to prevent illnesses.

  • Air Quality - useful website providing information on air quality issues and the prevention of health problems.

  • Indoor Air Quality Help - informative resource containing help for individuals in preventing indoor air quality health problems 

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