Insurance Agents! We Understand the
Importance of Quality Leads!

Good leads are the energy that fuels your sales. As an agent, you need high quality, real-time leads to keep your business moving. We understand the importance of good leads - whether your product is Term or Whole Life, Long Term Care, 401K Rollover, Annuities, Disability

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We here at AccuTerm have worked as insurance agents ourselves. We've been in your place, we've walked in your shoes, and we understand that you need high

We know that you don't want to waste your time on cold calling when you could be making sales and closing deals.

Leads provided through our online lead services program are among the best in the industry. Each lead is pre-qualified. Each lead is a potential sale within your own ZIP code area or a ZIP code area where you sell. Each lead is someone who has expressed interest in buying your product!

How does the system work?

bullet A potential customer first expresses interest in buying an insurance product. He or she fills out a questionnaire.

bullet You are then sent that person's name and telephone number INSTANTLY so that you can deliver the service he or she requested as soon as possible!

How can I make this system work best for me?

You can send personalized information about yourself BEFORE calling on your potential customer so that the person knows in advance exactly who you are and what your company is about. You can have us send your leads personalized information such as:

bullet A picture of you,

bullet Your resume and professional biography,

bullet Information about your company.

How much do they cost?

Prices are dependent on the product type and whether you order "live instant leads" or "discount leads" from inventory.

Most agents expect to pay much more for good leads, especially when they find out that there are no hidden costs such as administrative fees. Also you are guaranteed that every lead is a good one. If a lead is found to be bad, we will send you a replacement at no extra cost.

Don't make one more cold call - get started right now and receive a steady stream of insurance leads »

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