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Women's Health: Use This Resource Guide for Optimum Health and Health Insurance CoverageHealthy Woman

There are a number of different health conditions and health related issues facing women today. Some of these problems cause the woman to seek drug rehabilitation, while others require surgery or other invasive procedures.

The following resources help women better understand these conditions and issues and to better anticipate the insurance needs one might face in the future.

Breast Cancer

OBGYN Health Related Issues

  • Women's Health Channel - gives a definition of an OB GYN and what the doctor does.

  • Health Tips - offers tips on talking to an OB GYN and what to bring up during an appointment.

  • OBGYN Net - offers resources specifically geared towards women concerned with certain health issues.

  • Your Total Health - focuses on OB GYN health issues such as menstruation and fertility issues.

  • Medscape - covers topics relating to pregnancy, fertility and other issues women should discuss with their OB GYN.

Post Partum Depression

  • Mayo Clinic - gives a definition of the disease along with information on complications and risk factors.

  • Postpartum Depression - discusses different treatment options including therapy and medications.

  • Postpartum Support International - provides support and help for women who are battling depression relating to a birth.


  • Pregnancy Org - covers topics from getting pregnant up until the first few years after the birth of a child.

  • Pregnancy - gives a free pregnancy planner where women can write down their thoughts and plans surrounding a pregnancy.

  • Baby Center - covers a wide range of topics including symptoms of pregnancy and picking the perfect baby name.

  • Parents Connect - offers a weekly planner so women know what to expect during their pregnancy.

  • American Pregnancy Planner - discusses fertility issues and other complications involved with getting pregnant.


  • Birth Story - gives personal stories and journal entries from women during their pregnancy.

  • Child Birth - offers resources on what to expect during a birth.

  • Inducing Labor - focuses on why inducing labor might happen and what the doctor does.

  • C-Section - provides information on a C-Section for medical reasons along with what to expect.

  • Benefits of a Caesarean Section - offers a look at sex after a C-Section and other issues relating to the procedure.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Women's Diseases

  • Women's Diseases - provides resources on different diseases common in women.

  • Women Health Center - lists the more common disorders affecting women, with symptoms and treatment options on each one.

  • Women's Health - gives an overview on the different health conditions that plague women.

  • Women's Cardiovascular Disease - gives specific statistics that show how often cardiovascular disease occurs in women.

All women would be wise to seek help when it comes to medical conditions and issues. These resources help the individual learn more and find the information they seek. This is helpful in that it gives them a starting point. It can also help them find questions to ask of their doctor at a later date.

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